What Are The Best Pets for Apartments?

Many people grow up with a pet, but when you’re living in a rental unit, it can be hard to know
whether it’s feasible to have one. Many people ask themselves, “What is the best
low-maintenance pet?” or “What kind of animals make good apartment pets?” Read below to
explore the ultimate guide to the best pets to get for apartment living.

The Best Pets for Apartment Living

At the end of a busy day, it is very gratifying to return home to a sweet, cuddly animal who
adores you. When it comes to apartment living, it’s important to be aware of any animal breed
and size restrictions so you don’t break the terms of your lease, but for those who are looking
for the best pets for apartments, here are the top choices.


Compared to dogs, cats are relatively low maintenance and require very little attention
throughout the day. They are independent creatures who are happy either exploring or napping
though they do tend to be happiest when paired up. Our feline friends are generally good at
using the litter box properly and don’t require daily walks. Cats are typically quite good at
rationing their food and water so you can fill up their bowls once every day or two, which makes
it easy to go out after work or even go away for a weekend without worrying about your furry
friend at home.


There’s a reason dogs are the most popular pet in America – they are loyal, sweet, and social!
Surprisingly, large dogs can do just as well in an apartment as some smaller dogs, it really just
depends on the breed. Very energetic dogs like Border Collies or Australian shepherds often do
better with a large fenced in yard to run around and get their energy out. But other
medium-to-large sized dogs like labradors and retrievers do just fine in smaller spaces. As long
as they are well trained and you give them plenty of walks and outdoor time, dogs of all sizes
are suited to apartment living and can help you get out of the house and explore the

Guinea Pigs

While many people associate guinea pigs with the elementary school classroom, these
creatures make surprisingly good apartment pets. They are cuddly, friendly, and very low
maintenance. As long as you remember to clean their cage and regularly change out their food
and water, these little fur balls can live for years. One thing to note – guinea pigs tend to sleep
during the day and are more active at night so if you’re in a small studio apartment or a very
light sleeper, this pet might not be for you.


Fish are incredibly easy to care for and can make for a beautiful conversation piece too.
Whether you have a simple fish bowl or a large tank, brightly colored fish can serve as eye
catching decor in your home. While fish might be less enjoyable than a dog or cat, they require
very little work beyond daily feeding and occasional tank cleaning – plus they’re very quiet. Your
neighbors will never know! A fish is a good option for someone who works long hours or isn’t
home much who still wants to own a pet.

Is Your Apartment Complex Pet-Friendly?

Make sure you ask about any pet policies before signing a lease to ensure your furry friend is
permitted in the building. At The Waycroft, we welcome all pets and offer amenities to make
animal ownership easy and convenient!

The best pets for apartments really depends on the resident and their personal preferences. In
most cases, any well-behaved animal can be a good fit for apartment living as long as it is loved
and cared for. So, if you’re searching for pet-friendly apartments to rent, start with our
community at The Waycroft. We know our furry friends are family, which is why we are so
accommodating to pets. Call or contact us today to learn more about our pet-friendly luxury