How to Successfully Quarantine in Your Ballston Apartment

The Ballston neighborhood looks different this spring than anyone could have imagined. Our bustling, vibrant community is facing many of the challenges that others are experiencing nationwide. Fortunately, many of the local shops and businesses are still able to operate in some capacity and residents have come together to help each other out and get through the crisis. Quarantining isn’t easy, but it’s the right thing to do. Here are some tips for surviving quarantine in your Ballston apartment building!

Plan Virtual Events

With social events off the table, things have gone virtual! Organize a Zoom happy hour with friends, set up a game night with the House Party app, or FaceTime your relatives to check in. Just because we can’t physically be together doesn’t mean socializing should disappear. Even daters are turning to video chat dates rather than abandon the search for love altogether. Find a well-lit spot in your apartment and get comfortable. Some well placed wall art and a cozy blanket go a long way towards enhancing the virtual event experience.

Make Time to Exercise

While most gyms and fitness centers are closed during quarantine, there are some excellent free or low-cost home workouts that can help you stay fit this spring. While companies like Peloton are doing record sales, apps like ClassPass offer local and national workout classes with their top instructors. For a soothing experience, search Yoga with Adrienne on Youtube for her accessible, 30-minute yoga videos.

Read a Book

While Stay-at-Home orders have affected everyone differently, many Americans have found themselves with considerably more time on their hands. Maybe you’re saving an hour each day by not commuting to and from the office. Or, maybe you’re having groceries and meals delivered directly instead of going out to the store every week. Order books on Amazon or request delivery from a local bookshop to help pass the time and distract yourself from the news.

Move to Ballston Today

Luckily, moving has been deemed an essential business so it should be smooth sailing to upgrade to a new home. In fact, many residents have reported that minimal street traffic and quiet sidewalks made their move quicker and more efficient than ever before. Even though things are tough right now, there are some silver linings if you know where to look!

Contact us today to learn more about the various unit layouts and let us guide you towards your new Ballston apartment.