The Best Dog-Friendly Neighborhoods in D.C.


The Most Dog-Friendly D.C. Area Neighborhoods

Here at The Waycroft, we are huge pet lovers. We know just how much pets can add to a family and improve their quality of life. That’s why our community is so dog-friendly, with ample amenities for your furry friends, and access to Arlington’s lush trails and parks to keep their tails wagging. 

Ballston in Arlington is a dog-friendly neighborhood that we love being a part of. Because we’re grateful to be here, we found ourselves wondering: are other DMV neighborhoods so fortunate? How can we find out using a data-driven approach? We hate leaving a question unanswered, so our team rolled up our sleeves and found some answers!

We analyzed Yelp data and dog-friendly apartment listings in 47 DMV neighborhoods in order to determine which neighborhoods are the most accommodating for Fido. Check out our methodology and interactive map below to explore our findings. Is your neighborhood the best it can be for your dog?

Factors Used to Find the Most Dog-Friendly Places Around D.C:

  • Number of Dog-Friendly Apartments (Source: as of March 17, 2020, Weight: 1.75)
  • A number of Pet Services including Pet Training, Pet Grooming, Pet Boarders, Dog Walkers, Etc. (Source: Yelp, Weight: 1.75)
  • Number of Pet Stores (Source: Yelp, Weight: 1.5)
  • Number of Veterinarians (Source: Yelp, Weight: 1.75)
  • Number of Dog-Friendly Establishments (Source: Yelp, Weight: 1.5)
  • Number of Parks (Source: Yelp, Weight: 1.75)

Each factor was weighted accordingly and combined to create a score out of 50. The scores closest to 50 are the highest-ranked dog-friendly D.C. neighborhoods. Check out the most dog-friendly neighborhoods, ranked 1-47, on the map below! 


The Top Ranking Dog-Friendly Places to Live in Washington D.C.


  • City: Arlington
  • Score: 48.3
  • The top-ranked neighborhood for living with a dog, Ballston is home of multiple dog parks, like the James Hunter dog park. Additionally, there is a strong selection of animal hospitals, and dog-friendly businesses and trails. This neighborhood in Arlington, VA is the best place for you and your four-legged friends. 


Old Town

  • City: Alexandria 
  • Score: 44.8
  • Coming in second place, Old Town is another excellent place for you and your pets to call home. Old Town has some of the best dog-friendly restaurants in the D.C. area, like Vola’s Dockside. Alexandria is also just minutes from the Mount Vernon Trail, an excellent spot for walks and exercises for you and your pets. 


DuPont Circle

  • City: District of Columbia
  • Score: 43.3
  • Rounding out the podium of the best dog-friendly neighborhoods in the D.C. area is DuPont Circle. This quaint neighborhood is within walking distance to multiple dog parks as well as The Capital Lawn so you and your pets will have access to plenty of scenic walks and exercise. On top of this, there are local veterinary clinics to keep your dog healthy, and multiple dog-friendly bars and restaurants for when it’s time to get social. 


Map of Dog-Friendly D.C. Neighborhoods Scored from 1-47

We were ecstatic to see the Arlington neighborhood we call home climb to the number-one spot on this list! With a high number of dog-friendly places around D.C., access to pet services such as groomers and pet sitters, and an abundance of parks within walking distance, it’s no surprise that Ballston is the most dog-friendly D.C. area neighborhood according to the data. Shout out to the runner-up neighborhoods, Old Town in Alexandria and Dupont Circle in Washington, D.C.! Check out the rest of the top 10 neighborhoods in the table below.

Table showing the most dog-friendly DC area neighborhoods

 Owning a dog in Washington D.C.

Having a pet in any city can be a challenge, and The Nation’s Capital is no exception. Finding the perfect part of the D.C. area for you and your dog involves multiple factors, like what local dog parks are nearby, how close is the nearest vet, or what local leash laws exist. Be sure to keep this in mind when you’re choosing a neighborhood in the D.C. area! Your furry friends will thank you.

Check Out Dog-Friendly Ballston

Choosing a neighborhood to live in is a big decision, especially since you have to factor in the preferences of everyone in your family, including your dog’s. We hope this data is helpful in determining the dog friendly D.C spot where you and your pup may call home next. Considering the dog-friendly oasis that is Ballston? Check out our unique floor plans at The Waycroft’s apartments in Ballston and call to schedule a virtual tour today.

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