7 Questions to Ask When Touring An Apartment

One of the most important steps in finding the right rental property for you is getting to see it. The key is to schedule an apartment tour to get a look into your potential new home. Touring an apartment is a time to make sure that the environment is suitable for you. Read below to understand which questions to ask while touring an apartment and our best apartment viewing etiquette and hunting tips.

What to Bring to Apartment Viewing?

Touring an apartment requires you to be prepared. Not only should you book an appointment ahead of time if possible, but you should bring along all the necessary documentation to make the application process seamless if you find the right apartment for you. Knowing what to bring when touring an apartment can become a longer list than you would initially expect, but you should be sure to include the following:

  • Personal identification (such as a Driver’s License)
  • Bank statements/paystubs
  • Pet documentation
  • Vehicle documentation
  •  Letters of Recommendation/references if necessary

What Questions to Ask While Touring an Apartment?

When touring an apartment, it’s also important to learn more about the building as a whole as well as the surrounding area. You might think one neighborhood is best for you, but until you find out how the cost compares to other locales, for example, you shouldn’t make any official decisions. The following checklist contains some questions to ask at an apartment showing, to help you gain a better understanding of an apartment complex and help you decide if it’s the right fit!

What’s the neighborhood like?

You should always be sure to ask what the area is like. Will most of your neighbors be your age? Do lots of college students live nearby? Do most residents want to stay in the area long-term? Keep all of these in mind so you end up in an area that fits your needs and lifestyle.

What should I know about the apartment unit?

Your apartment is where you’ll be spending a lot of time, so finding the right layout is a big step. Ask questions about what the floor plans will look like, if there are appliances like washers and dryers, or if the units are furnished. Put together a list of needs, wants, and luxuries for what an apartment unit has to offer, and go into your tour knowing what you need to ask specifics on.

What are the amenities?

The amenities aren’t always what you look for at an apartment, but they can be an excellent tiebreaker when you look at what option A has versus option B. Understand what amenities you want your apartment to have before touring and ask what the apartment you’re touring has to offer. Seeing how this lines up can be the deciding factor in choosing your next home. 

Is this a pet-friendly neighborhood?

 Pet policies can be a dealbreaker for some residents. Lots of people love having their furry friends in their new apartments, and understanding what an apartment pet policy looks like is critical. Some locations have breed restrictions, pet deposits, or monthly fees. Getting this information upfront is important while on your tour.

What’s the policy on rent payments?

When rent is due and how you pay it can sometimes be an afterthought when going through your question checklist. If you plan on having roommates, ask if you can pay separately or if you need to pay through one person. Ask about their processing fees, when in the month it is due, and if there is a specific day or window of days to pay.

What should I know about the contract/lease?

A lease can often be an overwhelming legal document that you don’t have much interest in combing through to find every little detail. Consider asking what the most important aspects and policies the apartment has, and be sure to take time to consider and understand how they might affect you. 

How does maintenance operate?

Maintenance is often something you forget about until you need it, and when you need it, you don’t want to wait. Ask questions about maintenance availability as well as what services the apartment may have to outsource like pest control or appliance repair.

Apartment Viewing Etiquette

In some cities, renting an apartment can be a competitive process and the landlord will consider many factors to decide who can lease the space. In order to be approved for an apartment, it’s smart to follow proper apartment viewing etiquette, such as exhibiting polite behavior when touring the property. Treat everyone from the leasing agent to the onsite maintenance staff with respect and be courteous when interacting with current residents. Kindness goes a long way when apartment hunting!

More Apartment Hunting Tips

When touring an apartment, it’s smart to take photos along the way. This helps you stay organized and can be useful if you’re looking at several different units or properties. When you finish your tour, don’t leave without the leasing agent’s business card for easy follow up. And of course, after your tour, it’s smart to do some research of your own to decide which apartment is best for you. Check online reviews, read articles about the neighborhood, and ask others in your network about the reputation of the building. These extra steps can help you feel confident in your choice.

Tour as many places as you can, to ensure you’re ready to sign the lease on the best one. Finally, when you find a place you love, then the next step is applying for the apartment. Contact us today to learn more about leasing a luxury apartment in the Ballston neighborhood at The Waycroft.